From the extreme conditions of North Slope, Alaska, to Mid-Continent onshore operations, to shelf and ultra-deepwater offshore environments, GIS is equipped with the experience and the tools to meet our clients’ global fabrication needs − and do so in the most effective, efficient manner possible.



                                      With nine strategically-located Fabrication facilities and two additional Shorebases, project components can be completed at the most efficient location, and receive final fit-up on land, or utilize our Offshore crews for onsite field installation.

                                      Some of our capabilities include:

                                      • Spool Pipe Fabrication
                                      • Alloy Spool Pipe Fabrication
                                      • Structural Fabrication
                                      • Production Skids
                                      • Sandblasting & Painting
                                      • High Definition Cutting
                                      • Hydrotesting
                                      • Industrial Modules
                                      • Mack Steel & Supply
                                      • Polycoatings

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