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Driving Results Through Thorough Planning

Transportation infrastructure plays a critical role in connecting communities and driving economic growth. With a rich history of successfully delivered projects and a commitment to excellence, GIS, LLC is helping shape the future of transportation infrastructure. 

GIS understands the importance of safely and continuously moving people, products, and services using a diverse network of roadways, bridges, airports, railways, and custom transit systems.

Whether creating new travel ways, improving transportation hubs, or planning long-term, sustainable solutions, GIS is ready to tackle the design complexities to the client’s specifications, meeting and exceeding their expectations.

From Innovative Planning and Design, Regulatory Compliance, Efficient Project Management, Sustainability Integration, and Post-Project Support, GIS advances with our clients every step of the way.

We provide design and engineering plans for all styles of vehicle routes meeting regulatory requirements. Whether we are providing civil construction for a new roadway or making certain the street lights are maintained and are fully operable, GIS stands prepared to engineer, design, and construct your next transportation project.

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