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Sound Stewardship Supporting Public Projects

Strong client relationships with transparent, continuous communication are the values that spearhead GIS’s success completing government projects. GIS is a well-established and premier service provider supporting state, municipal, institutional, and coastal restoration work across the gulf south.  


As our needs and uses for public space and systems evolve, GIS is in the forefront of strategic planning, working with federal, state, regional, and local governments to evaluate options, secure funding, and implement solutions. Our teams participate in community planning and facilitate studies and assessments to present tailored solutions for each project. Whether the municipality’s needs are part of long-term development or a critical, immediate remediation, GIS is staffed with professionals from multiple disciplines to respond to clients quickly and effectively, always keeping safety as an operational priority. 


GIS is a trusted partner in providing a wide array of essential services to institutions, including industry leading engineering and design, electrical and instrumentation, vegetations management, and land clearing solutions. Our expertise spans across sectors, ensuring that your institution receives tailored services catering to the unique needs of each campus and facility.     

Our staff combines technical know-how with a dedication to quality, safety, and reliability, ensuring that your institution’s infrastructure operates seamlessly and efficiently. Count on GIS to empower your institution with cutting-edge services, enhancing overall functionality and performance. 

Coastal Restoration

Coastal areas are vulnerable to various forms of degradation, from erosion and pollution to contamination, all of which can have devastating effects on the delicate ecosystems that otherwise thrive in these regions. GIS plays a pivotal role in safeguarding these invaluable coastal habitats. Our services encompass a holistic approach focusing on the protection, remediation, and enhancement of these environments. GIS offers the consultation and planning needed to minimize negative impacts of unavoidable projects on these sensitive environments.  

We are dedicated to preserving the health and vitality of coastal ecosystems, ensuring they continue to flourish and provide essential benefits to our environment and communities. Replenishing and expanding native biodiversity and natural barrier protections, coupled with installing and building ecofriendly supports, helps improve drainage, reduce flooding, and maintain coastlines. 


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