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Purely Partnered Performance

Using an integrated approach, GIS assists in formulating tailored solutions and strategies for your refining facility. We specialize in assessing and addressing your short-term and long-term strategic plans, leveraging our expertise across 22 service lines to ensure the successful completion of your projects, both on time and within budget. With a comprehensive range of services at our disposal, including in-house engineering and design, fabrication, E&I, mechanical, civil, and soft crafts to name a few, we have the flexibility and capability to tailor solutions that align with your specific project goals and objectives. 

GIS possesses the self –performing capabilities to support our clients throughout all phases of their projects, starting from initial design and extending through engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction.

Our proficiency spans a wide spectrum, encompassing everything from front end engineering of new ethane crackers and intricate refinery conversions (including renewable fuels) to providing turn-key construction solutions for single-unit enhancements and gradual capacity increases. With many of our facilities strategically located in the Gulf South, GIS seamlessly reacts to our clients’ needs ensuring your projects are properly assessed, designed, engineered and constructed to minimize downtime and operational interruption.  

Our topmost priority is ensuring the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your facility, a commitment that shines through our industry-acknowledged experts and consultants, as well as the cutting-edge technology we utilize.


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