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Extending and Improving Efficiencies

For more than seven decades, GIS has consistently delivered exceptional results for manufacturing facilities throughout North America, ensuring timely and cost-effective outcomes. Our comprehensive suite of engineering and construction services seamlessly integrate within our clients’ facilities, catering to both brownfield and greenfield projects. At GIS, we prioritize our clients’ business objectives, offering in-house curated solutions that encompass efficiency enhancements, energy conservation measures, optimized fiber utilization, asset modernization, and comprehensive rebuilds.  

GIS specializes in providing comprehensive project delivery services tailored specifically for the manufacturing sector.

Our offerings encompass every stage of project development, from initial engagement and feasibility studies to design, procurement, fabrication, construction, construction management, and commissioning. With a wealth of experience spanning new facility construction, expansions, renovations, and maintenance, as well as expertise in managing shutdowns and turnarounds, our team of seasoned engineers and construction professionals excel in delivering successful outcomes. Drawing from our over 20 service lines, we are equipped to cater to a diverse range of manufacturing industries, including agricultural products, food and beverage, electronic manufacturing, and frozen and prepared foods, ensuring that each project receives customized solutions to meet its unique requirements.


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