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Leading the Way in Upstream Innovation

GIS stands as a trusted partner, offering comprehensive service capabilities that address the various, diverse needs of upstream oil and gas projects. Our more than 75 years of experience have allowed our organization to grow to the largest EPC in the Gulf of Mexico. Across every stage of the upstream process, from construction work pack development and project management to maintenance and turnarounds, GIS is fully equipped to meet your project’s needs.  

With GIS’s comprehensive 20 plus service offerings and our commitment to excellence, clients can trust that their upstream oil and gas projects will be completed safely, on time, and within budget. Our experienced teams, advanced technologies, and focus on quality and safety make us the partner of choice for projects of any scale or complexity. 

New Installations of Platforms

GIS specializes in the installation of new platforms, from the initial planning stages to the final construction and installation. Leveraging our four strategically located fabrication facilities with land and waterfront access, GIS can provide a full EPC approach to meet the needs of our client’s upstream projects. Our team works closely with clients to design and engineer platforms and components that meet their specific requirements, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Refurbishments and Upgrades

As assets age and technology advances, refurbishments and brownfield upgrades become essential to maintain efficiency and safety. Whether it is a long-term maintenance campaign, or a large-scale asset shut in GIS provides the know-how and resources to plan and execute across all major construction disciplines including fabrication of spool piping and structural steel, mechanical construction, E&I, and commissioning and integrity allowing continuous performance and extended asset life.

Demolition and Abandonment

Having been in business for over 75 years, GIS has had the privilege of installing and maintaining some of the first oil platforms to arrive in the Gulf of Mexico. Now that assets are reaching the end of their operational life, proper demolition and abandonment are crucial to minimize safety hazards, environmental impacts, and ensure regulatory compliance. GIS offers comprehensive demolition and abandonment services, managing every aspect of the process from planning and permitting to execution and site restoration including our conveniently located NORM facilities in Port Fourchon.


Keeping assets in optimal condition requires regular maintenance and inspection. GIS provides dedicated maintenance crews including mechanical and E&I construction, fabric maintenance, drone inspections, and supporting services like fabrication, equipped with the skills and resources to execute routine maintenance tasks and long term-maintenance campaigns, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the integrity of assets.

Scaffolding Crew and Scaffold Materials

Scaffolding is essential for accessing and working safely at height during construction, maintenance, and inspection activities. GIS offers experienced, credentialed scaffolding crews and high-quality scaffold materials to support various project requirements, ensuring safety and efficiency on-site.

Changing Out / Upgrading Skid Packages

Skid packages are integral components of oil and gas production facilities, containing essential equipment for processing and control. GIS specializes in changing out and upgrading skid packages, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance, including the engineering, procurement of material, fabrication and installation of upgrade skids/modules.


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