Renewable Fuels

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Sustainable Solutions, Low Carbon Ambitions

In the wake of the global energy transition, industries are faced with the pressing need to adapt and evolve, refineries and petrochemical facilities are being compelled to broaden their portfolios to incorporate sustainable energy sources such as renewable diesel or other blue/green energy options. This shift reflects a growing awareness of the imperative to reduce carbon emissions and embrace sustainable practices, driving innovation and diversification within traditionally fossil fuel-centric sectors.

Drawing upon a rich history of successfully executed projects within the realms of traditional refining, petrochemical, and chemical sectors, GIS distinguishes itself by seamlessly transferring this wealth of expertise into the burgeoning renewable fuels movement. Our proven track record and deep understanding of complex industrial processes uniquely position us to navigate the evolving landscape of renewable energy with precision and foresight. By leveraging our extensive experience and easily transferable service lines, our methodologies align with the demands of renewable fuels production. GIS stands ready to drive innovation and sustainable growth in this dynamic sector.

Amidst the fervent competition among owners and project developers to establish dominance in the renewable fuel sector, GIS emerges as a trusted ally committed to propelling your projects and products to the forefront of the market with unparalleled precision.

Through our proactive engagement, beginning with our expert process engineering and permitting teams, and extending to our in-house detailed design, fabrication, and construction groups, we prioritize your schedule and adeptly manage change to keep your projects on track. With GIS by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the renewable fuel landscape with confidence, seizing opportunities for innovation and market leadership.

The GIS team of experts boasts a proven track record in the execution of projects across various renewable fuel and biodiesel units, encompassing the processing of soybean oil, animal fats, used cooking oil, and co-products derived from other biomass feedstock.

With a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge in this rapidly evolving sector, we are adept at delivering tailored solutions that maximize efficiency, sustainability, and profitability for each unique project.

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