Renewable Energy

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Renewable. Reliable. Responsible.

In today’s landscape of power production, renewable energy sources are playing an increasingly vital role. As the world transitions towards more sustainable power generation, GIS is adapting and thriving by harnessing its 75 years of market expertise to evolve and provide cutting-edge services and solutions to the renewable energy market, 

GIS offers renewable energy experience to engineer, design and construct and maintain offshore wind, onshore wind, and utility grade solar energy plant assets. We align our services with all operational phases, from feasibility studies through construction and commissioning. We offer turnkey approaches for offshore turbines and foundations, electrical service platforms, onshore substations, inverters, communications, SCADA, and more. We can install, inspect, maintain, correct, and repair assets throughout their life cycle. 

Our approach is multi-faceted and primarily focuses on ecological considerations.

We use construction materials with minimal environmental footprints and advanced energy-efficient technologies. Our designs also incorporate natural landscaping and native vegetation to preserve local biodiversity. 

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