vertical expansion

Project Overview
  • The project started with one project manager supporting the FEED efforts. During FEED, the GIS PM made multiple suggestions that led to a safer, more schedule efficient, and more cost-efficient design. These suggestions were realized in the offshore construction phase. The detailed planning and fabrication began in early 2017.
  • Throughout the fabrication process, 3 new B31.3 welding procedures were developed, 2735welds were made (with only 1 repair), 5 skids were built, 120hydrotests were made, 41material loadouts were made, and 100,000+ man-hours spent. Throughout the detailed planning process, the TAR and non-TAR portions of the project were planned. The TAR included a riser pull-in, and multiple piping tie-ins that required field welds.
  • The TAR was a great success, completed on time and without incident. The non-TAR portion of the project consisted of multiple piping installations (large bore and heavy wall), and 5 skid installations. The offshore construction team did a fantastic job, and completed with 0 incidents over the yearlong installation.
Project details
  • Successful TAR Execution
  • Accelerated Schedule
Service Lines
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