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GIS Engineering

Since inception in January 2016, GIS Engineering, LLC, a subsidiary of GIS Holdings, LLC, has been dedicated to providing high-quality, responsive professional services that clients need to achieve success. The company is deeply rooted in a safe, family-like workplace culture, committed to teamwork and accountability, while driven to deliver on fun, challenging and meaningful projects to the customers, markets and communities they serve. GIS Engineering has grown to over 250 employees in just six years of business; this market emergence demonstrates the company’s ability to provide trusted services with enthusiasm, diligence, and creativity. GIS Engineering is a multi-discipline engineering, surveying, and construction management firm providing services to customers in the Energy, Industrial, Power, and Public Works sectors.


Blanchard Industrial

Blanchard Industrial, LLC is a full service, industrial and EPC contractor offering knowledge and experience in capital projects, commissioning and project start up, general maintenance and a wide range of other services to meet the needs of our clients from start to finish. As part of the GIS family of companies, we have the capability of aligning services within our internal operations to span the complete life cycle of our client’s projects.


Sun Industries

Founded in 1979, Sun Industries began as a small electrical repair and maintenance company.  Sun, a division of GIS since October 2021, has grown into a multi-regional, full-service operations, maintenance, and construction company. Sun has a strong safety record, maintains a staff of experienced and dedicated employees, and embraces innovation in approaches to their service delivery, which are priorities that have allowed Sun to become recognized as one of the most diverse electrical solutions providers in the region. Sun serves public and private sector clients in the infrastructure, energy, construction, renewables, and disaster response markets. With its impeccable safety record and highly qualified team members, you can always depend on Sun to rise to the occasion.


Aerobotics Drone

The Aerobotics Drone division was acquired by the GIS family of companies in early 2018 to allow GIS to further advance within today's technology, which is incorporated as a sustainable practice for asset management in the Energy Industry with low human risk exposure and high-resolution data solutions. Utilizing innovative Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and payloads these technological advances include High-Definition optical zoom, FLIR/Thermal, 3D Modeling & Measurement, Orthomosaic Mapping, Interactive Live Streaming, and Custom Robotic attachments for precision applications. Aerobotics Drone is committed to educating each specific industry to apply curriculum where commercial UAV's can safely advance and develop their business. We believe utilizing drones will help to solve today's challenges and improve the way our clients work and communicate.


Chustz Surveying

Chustz Surveying, LLC., a division of GIS Engineering, LLC., is an industry leader in aerial and hydrographic surveying, with more than 27 years of servicing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Federal sector and other commercial, state and local clients. Chustz has continued to grow through hard work and client satisfaction. Chustz began with only a pickup truck and a single boat, providing surveying and mapping services as a subcontractor on a New Orleans district project. From that point on, they have invested in the most knowledgeable and qualified employees, along with state-of-the-art technology in order to assure the highest caliber of service. This has allowed the team to expand into other surveying areas, including hydrographic surveying, sUAS (unmanned aerial systems), GPS surveying, singlebeam technology, multibeam technology and LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) acquisition.



Through NuWave Group, a division of GIS, our team offers over 100 years of management experience in the corrosion industry. NuWave provide services for the protection of material assets in the Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Defense, Aerospace, and Power Generation Markets. NuWave's specialized capabilities in corrosion removal, surface preparation, and application of new protective coatings has helped to boost our offerings allowing GIS to provide full-service capabilities to our clients in both Upstream and Downstream sectors. Utilizing all forms of surface preparation, our team has the technical expertise to apply a wide variety of coatings. 


Mack Steel

Mack Steel and Supply was acquired by GIS, LLC. mid 2010 to help provide procurement services for items, including structural steel, pipe, gaskets, weld fittings, flanges and more. Our mission at Mack Steel is to provide quality services as a team in all aspects of what we do in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our team commits to the transaction of our products in the safest and most timely method possible.


Mods Management

In 2002, MODS first started business in Aberdeen (Scotland), now with additional offices in Houston (GIS), Dubai, Perth and Yokohama. By 2012, MODS completed its first U.S. based project in the Gulf of Mexico, with GIS being the main construction contractor. From the success of this project, Grand Isle Shipyard (GIS) and MODS officially entered into an exclusive technology driven partnership in 2013, which has seen us deliver new and innovative solutions to the energy industry within the Americas to many clientele supporting the upstream, downstream, and renewable sectors.



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