About Us


Corporate Mission

To provide quality products and services to our customers in a safe and environmentally sound manner at fair and competitive prices.



Corporate Vision

To be considered among the premier service companies in the industry by our customers, neighbors and governmental agencies as we maintain and promote the proper balance between safety, quality and profits while people and the environment remain our highest concern and most valued.


Equity Statement

Putting People First is only achieved when we include ALL people and recognize the unique value each brings to our team. We are committed to providing a structured work environment that is inclusive and respectful to everyone by embracing diversity and continuing to build a culture of equity where differences are celebrated and accepted.


Diversity & Inclusion

A Message From GIS Leadership:

In addition to our daily operational challenges, our industry and our communities are going through a transformation as we are working to bring intolerance and inequity to a halt. Although the sociopolitical climate of 2020 has driven a great disparity in feelings and beliefs, we are unwaveringly committed to our people and developing a deeper understanding of our employee’s lived experiences through active listening in an intentionally caring workplace culture.

As we have said for the past 72 years here at GIS and still believe to be true today, our employees are our greatest asset. While we can’t begin to fully comprehend the historical and present violence, hate, and systemic racism that communities and various ethnic groups have endured – GIS leaders are committed to continuing to educate ourselves on these issues and fostering a diverse and inclusive culture in support of our company’s mission of Putting People First.


GIS LIFE Program

LIFE is the proactive, operational, and behavior-based component of GIS’s comprehensive Safety Management Program.

While our Corporate HSE group focuses on compliance, training, and incident response, the LIFE processes specifically cover Operational Safety, through: comprehensive work planning; increasing awareness of work area & task risks; intervention techniques for redirecting at-risk behaviors; embedded field presence; quarterly initiatives focused on observed areas of risk; and visible leadership engagement.


Journey to Safety Excellence

GIS measures performance success through leading indicators: audits, inspections, observations, training, and our employees’, partners’, and clients’ perception of our quality and safety performance. We utilize lagging indicators as a benchmark to see if our successes are proving effective. Through trend analysis, we adjust the training and observations, audits and inspections to move us to zero incidents.


Industrial Training Educational Center

ITEC, our Industrial Training Educational Center, is accredited by numerous organizations recognized by the petroleum industry as well as certified as an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center. ITEC is designed to offer training required to comply with all workforce personnel, and provides custom-tailored training services not only to GIS, but to other companies as well. With a list of over 100 course offerings, our qualified staff and state of the art facility provides the most up to date training available, well above and beyond the commonly accepted industry standards.

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Our Clients

Build lasting relationships by listening, advocating, providing expertise, and surpassing expectations of our external and internal clients.


Our Communities

Participate as leaders in building healthy, strong, dynamic communities.


Our Employees

Provide a competitive compensation package to attract and retain the best employees, provide development and training opportunities, maintain a safe and ethical environment, encourage a balance between team and individual success, and promote entrepreneurial spirit.



Meeting the world's future energy needs by transitioning to low emission energy sources is key to delivering sustainable development. GIS LLC assumes far-reaching responsibility for its own operations and the impact we have on people, the environment, community, our role as a corporate citizen and society in a long-term perspective. Our operations comply with applicable legislation, standards, and globally accepted Sustainable Values. Our culturally diverse “Green Team” is committed to being constructive and solution-oriented to advance sustainable, long-term growth in the world in which we live.



By engaging with stakeholders – including employees, clients and vendors/suppliers, analysis of ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance in corporate risk analysis, and the development of corporate responsibility and reporting standards – we can do our part to improve sustainability, better serve our community, and simultaneously deliver world class performance throughout our company, and aspirational goals for the world community.



GIS integrates sustainability into our overall operations through the development and implementation of programs that not only promote and ensure corporate responsibility but also protect health, safety, and environment.

We believe that Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Thus, when all levels of management give the highest priority to corporate responsibility and safety, sustainability (for employees, our long-standing partners, families and the supportive communities in which we operate) is more attainable.

Quality Policy Statement


GIS is dedicated to continually improving operations in order to consistently provide quality products, services, and solutions to our customers in a safe and environmentally sound manner at fair and competitive pricing.

GIS is dedicated to providing the organization and commitment that will establish and execute a Quality Management System as described in this Manual. It is the intent of GIS to take all practical measures to assure that construction activities shall be performed according to the Quality Management System, contract specifications and applicable codes as directed by customer requirements. The objectives of GIS QMS are to demonstrate GIS is able to provide products and services that strive to exceed customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and to enhance customer satisfaction through effective control of processes and continual improvement of systems.

If a conflict occurs between the requirements of this Quality Management System and customer contract documents, the latter shall take precedence.

Senior Management fully supports the establishment and implementation of the Quality Management System, with the understanding that “Quality of Work” is the primary responsibility of all GIS employees, and that Quality Control starts with each individual.

The Quality Control Manager will administer this program and shall be independent of on-site management personnel with the authority to identify nonconforming items, recommend dispositions and corrective action, and verify implementation of those recommendations. When a nonconforming condition cannot be resolved between the Division Manager and the Quality Control Manager, the problem will be escalated to the attention of Senior Management for resolution.

The Quality Control Program may only be revised or modified by authorization of the Quality Control Manager.


GIS’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a stand-alone ISO-9001 certified process, the objectives of which are to demonstrate our ability to provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements, and to enhance customer satisfaction through effective control of processes and continual improvement of systems.


GIS is committed to providing quality services to our clients with integrity and professionalism and in compliance with all applicable laws. It is also GIS’s policy to compete fairly and in accordance with applicable procurement rules.

This is possible only when all GIS employees perform their jobs with the highest standards of ethical conduct and with consideration for the interests of our clients, other employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and the communities affected by our work. GIS expects every employee to conduct his or her business affairs in a manner that protects and even strengthens the Company’s reputation. To formalize these expectations, GIS maintains a business ethics and conduct compliance program for all employees.

GIS Inc. Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct explains what is expected of GIS Inc. employees and provides guidance on how to meet those expectations. More specifically, the Code describes the Company’s expectations for appropriate business conduct. The Code is a key part of GIS Inc.’s Ethics and Compliance Program, which ensures that the Code’s provisions are communicated effectively to employees and enforced through policies, procedures, and management practices.


Code of Conduct

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