jsm stage 4

Project Overview
  • GIS was awarded this project to support the Jack St. Malo (JSM) Stage 4 project team with FEED, constructability reviews, drawings reviews, scanning/DC, planning, scheduling, fabrication, construction, etc. for the installation of a Seawater Injection Module (SWIM) and Power Generation Module (PGEN). The SWIM will bring 70,000 BWPD at 10,000 psig for injection into the existing St. Malo wells to net a production increase of approximately 30,000 BOPD. JSM is located in WR 718 in 7,000 feet of water. Located approximately 200 miles from Port Fourchon, logistical planning is crucial.
  • During the construction scope, GIS provided offshore projection management and materials management services. Having these key positions offshore ensured efficient execution and readiness
    for execution. To this point in the project, GIS has received recognitions on its safety, high level of quality, attention to detail, and execution efficiency.
project detailss
  • Installation of piping tie-ins (TAR and non-TAR) which require installation of IHE.
  • (ICP) ranging from 2” to 14”.
  • Installation of Structural Components: Deck Penetrations, Pipe Supports, Tray Supports.
  • Multiple Pressurized Welding Enclosure (PWE) Scopes.
  • Significant work over water to demo and install piping with very limited crane access.
  • Clash Removals for Module Installations (Piping, Walkways, etc
  • Installation of Stabbing Pins and Bumpers
  • Substantial Offshore Welding Scope (Module Installation) Installation of Integration Steel
  • Onshore Piping Fabrication: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex, Inconel, FRP, Titanium.
  • Onshore Structural Fabrication (Carbon Steel): Pipe Supports, Tray Supports, Work Decks, Stabbing Pins, Bumpers (water access).
  • Onshore Material Coordination (bagging and tagging)
  • Offshore Material Coordination (verification, storage, and staging
Service Lines
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