inlet condensate/ethane export

Project Overview
  • The objective of this project was to fabricate and install the piping connecting the facility’s ethane piping to an ethane pipeline and the condensate inlet piping connecting to the facility’s condensate processing systems, as well as the installation of the related equipment. Additionally, GIS executed the required civil, electrical and instrumentation for this project. The completion of this project allows the facility to ship it’s products utilizing the connecting pipeline.
project details
  • Installation of 68,000lb Coalescer filter including structural platforms, associated piping, Coriolis meters and Controls.
  • Installation of Inlet Condensate Filter, associated piping, Coriolis meters and Controls.
  • Installed 1,400’ of 8″ XH CS piping for Inlet Condensate system
  • Installed 1,300’ of 12″ XH CS piping for Ethane system in structural rack systems throughout the facility
  • Performed numerous MOC’s for single block tie point connections
  • Assisted during a Turnaround with maintenance crews
Service Lines
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