2019 pitstop

Project Overview
  • WKO LCV Replacement, BOT LCV Replacement (LV-1060-02), BOT PCV Replacement (PV-1060-05B), Crude Oil Cooler Piping Re-Route, FWKO Duplex Strainer Installation, Replace Valve &
    Actuator Inj. Pump B H4235B-03, Man way Leaking Flange, Corroded Fasteners A Flow-line Sep, Fasteners Corroded on 8PF- 0002-FF, Corroded Oliver Valve PST-1610A-22, Corroded Oliver Valve PT-1610A-07, Swap Crude Cooler HAY-4210A, Replace FWKO Heater HAY-4220-B, FCA E Recycle Check Valve Repair, FCA C Recycle Check Valve Repair, FCA D Recycle Check Valve Repair, FCA A Recycle Check Valve Repair, FCA B Recycle Check Valve Repair, Replace 1 Inch Block Valve H4340-16A, Chiller Hot Taps into Quarters and Subsea Chillers, VRU-A passing valve M1180A-03, VRU-B Passing Valve M1180B-03, Replace AOV-1610A-99 & SD-47-2019 Replace SDV-1610A-97, Piping Corroded Near FIC-2030-08, Vessel cleaning FWKO MBD-1050, Vessel Clean prod sep E, BGC Cooler Replacement, Remove RO 0200A-40 & RO-0200B-40, 2in. Drains Severely Corr. & heavy Metal Loss, & Replace 3in. Spool Severe Corr on FL Sep. A
  • Large projects that were accomplished during the pit stop crude oil cooler piping re-route, and FWKO Duplex strainer installation.
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