Mission, Vision & Values




                                      Corporate Mission

                                      To provide quality products and services to our customers in a safe and environmentally sound manner at fair and competitive prices.


                                      Corporate Vision

                                      To be considered among the premier service companies in the industry by our customers, neighbors and governmental agencies as we maintain and promote the proper balance between safety, quality and profits while people and the environment remain our highest concern and most valued.


                                      GIS integrates sustainability into our overall operations through the development and implementation of programs that not only promote and ensure corporate responsibility but also protect health, safety, and environment.
                                      We believe that Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Thus, when all levels of management give the highest priority to corporate responsibility and safety, sustainability (for employees, our long-standing partners, families and the supportive communities in which we operate) is more attainable.

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                                      Our Clients

                                      Build lasting relationships by listening, advocating, providing expertise, and surpassing expectations of our external and internal clients.


                                      Our Communities

                                      Participate as leaders in building healthy, strong, dynamic communities.


                                      Our Employees

                                      Provide a competitive compensation package to attract and retain the best employees, provide development and training opportunities, maintain a safe and ethical environment, encourage a balance between team and individual success, and promote entrepreneurial spirit.

                                      ETHICS AND INTEGRITY

                                      GIS is committed to providing quality services to our clients with integrity and professionalism and in compliance with all applicable laws. It is also GIS’s policy to compete fairly and in accordance with applicable procurement rules.

                                      This is possible only when all GIS employees perform their jobs with the highest standards of ethical conduct and with consideration for the interests of our clients, other employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and the communities affected by our work. GIS expects every employee to conduct his or her business affairs in a manner that protects and even strengthens the Company’s reputation. To formalize these expectations, GIS maintains a business ethics and conduct compliance program for all employees.

                                      GIS Inc. Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct explains what is expected of GIS Inc. employees and provides guidance on how to meet those expectations. More specifically, the Code describes the Company’s expectations for appropriate business conduct. The Code is a key part of GIS Inc.’s Ethics and Compliance Program, which ensures that the Code’s provisions are communicated effectively to employees and enforced through policies, procedures, and management practices.