Doing Business with GIS

                                      GIS aims to deliver world class performance to our clients and understands the value of partnering with key suppliers to accomplish this goal.


                                      Suppliers interested in qualifying to work with GIS and being frequently selected to support our business must have an integrated accountability vision and support our culture of creating shared value that permeates the supply chain through to end stakeholders.

                                      Strategic Alignment
                                      Supplier leadership should proactively drive alignment with GIS strategies so that we can collectively work toward achieving end client objectives. Beyond simple sales calls – this involves organizing regularly recurring, effectively structured, constructive conversations with the proper operational & management personnel for meaningful collaboration.

                                      Suppliers must bring a value proposition that supports and enhances GIS values of safety, people, quality, efficiency, etc.

                                      Suppliers should have systems in place to help insure consistent performance in these areas so that GIS will have confidence in the supplier organization’s reliability. Suppliers may be asked to participate in audits of various management systems (quality, safety, financial, etc) to insure compliance to standards.

                                      Continuous Improvement
                                      Successful suppliers will have a continuous improvement culture – constantly evaluating ways to do business better. Whether innovative or improved technologies, tools, methods or processes – either within the supplier’s organization or external to GIS or another stakeholder’s organization – top tier suppliers deliver ideas to improve the value of the supply chain.

                                      Diverse Business
                                      GIS recognizes the valuable perspectives that diverse business partners bring to the supply chain. Further, the responsiveness & flexibility of smaller businesses can be a competitive advantage that should not go unnoticed. GIS tracks diverse spend through our Supplier Diversity program. Interested diverse suppliers can contact our Diverse Business Manager, Albert Besson, for more information on doing business with GIS.

                                      Business Interface Maturity
                                      As supplier relations advance, we partner on transaction process efficiencies through evaluating process integration and technological efficiencies that can be achieved by automating transactions and meaningfully structuring data exchange.

                                      Incentive for this effort is the continuum of opportunity – first with increased volume to GIS under current business scenarios and ideally further expanded under an improved value scenario that drives additional business from end clients.


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