-Corrosion Protection-


                                      Over 100 years of management experience in the corrosion industry






                                      NuWave is a division of GIS with over 100 years of management experience in the corrosion industry.

                                      We provide services for the protection of material assets in the Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Defense, Aerospace, and Power Generation Markets.

                                      Our team specializes in corrosion removal, surface preparation, and applying new protective coatings. We utilize all forms of surface preparation and we have the technical expertise to apply a wide variety of coatings.

                                      Our services offered:

                                      • Offshore Blasting and Coatings
                                      • Refinery Blasting and Coatings
                                      • Pipeline Blasting and Coatings
                                      • Fire Proofing Services
                                      • Insulation Services
                                      • Rope Access Services

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