Construction, Maintenance & Turnarounds Offshore

The GIS offshore personnel management staff work to recruit quality personnel & assemble well-trained, highly-effective oilfield construction crews to meet our customers’ needs.



Our personnel managers and crew coordinators in all divisions work closely with customer field reps to understand their labor and equipment requirements, and then work to assemble bundled service packages to handle their planned – or unplanned – needs.

The contribution to and maintenance of a SAFE working environment is a top priority at GIS.

In our Offshore Division, labor crews are able to arrive on-site, fully equipped to meet your job’s construction & maintenance needs in the following areas:

  • New Installations of Platforms
  • Refurbishments and Upgrades
  • Demolition and Abandonment
  • Maintenance Crew
  • Scaffolding Crew and Scaffold Materials
  • Changing Out / Upgrading Skid Packages
  • Compressor Installations


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