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                                      Aerobotics Drone

                                      We believe utilizing drones will help to solve today’s challenges and improve the way our clients work and communicate.






                                      Our Aerobotics Drone technology is incorporated as a sustainable practice for asset management in the Energy Industry with low human risk exposure and high-resolution data solutions.

                                      Utilizing innovative Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and payloads to include High-Definition optical zoom, FLIR/Thermal, 3D Modeling & Measurement, Orthomosaic Mapping, Interactive Live Streaming, and Custom Robotic attachments for precision applications.

                                      Our team is committed to educating each specific industry to apply a curriculum where commercial UAV’s can safely advance and develop their business.

                                      We believe utilizing drones will help to solve today’s challenges and improve the way our clients work and communicate.



                                      • Asset Integrity Management Offshore & Onshore
                                      • Thermal Imagery Insulation
                                      • Inspection
                                      • Remote Area Inspection
                                      • Rope Access & Scaffolding Support
                                      • 3D Modeling
                                      • Orthorectified Imagery
                                      • Area Mapping & Survey
                                      • Well Pad Restoration Survey
                                      • Flare Tip Inspection
                                      • Corrosion Inspection
                                      • Construction Project Progress Documentation

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