Our Commitment to Quality

The tightly knit ownership and operational philosophy of GIS allows the company to respond in a timely manner on business decisions affecting both employees, clients, expansion, equipment, additional personnel and acquiring additional strategic locations. This also enables GIS to move aggressively, but cautiously, in expanding their customer base and business opportunities. Through this philosophy, GIS provides an optimum service, while maintaining a proper balance between safety, ethics, and profits.

From design, through fabrication, installation and start-up, we can provide all of your technical support.

With our proven background and experience, coupled with our in-house project management group, as well as our close association with many engineering companies, we will warrant the process and guarantee the delivery.

GIS is an ASME coded shop and is authorized to affix both the "U" and "R" stamps.

Our in-house QA/QC procedures assure that all traceability and documentation is in compliance with client requirements.

Our welders are tested and certified to industry standard of ANSI B31.3 and AWS D1.1. We also employ the following welding processes:


We have qualified over 50 welding procedures. We will also develop and certify a procedure to specifically satisfy any special requirement needed for your project.

At GIS, we are extremely proud of our safety program and statistics. Managed by full-time safety and training professionals, our training procedures and safety standards not only meet, but exceed the requirements of the majority of our clients.

With over fifty years experience in the oilfield service industry, (domestic & international) we have aquired vast experiences in a wide range of oilfield related projects. Strict adherence of customer specifications, industry standards, and contractual obligations have paved the way for GIS to fulfill safe and environmental obligations such as,
  • Supply of Equipment & Skid Packages
  • Process Piping Installations
  • Automation & Control Modifications & Revamps
  • 14-C Refurbishments & Upgrades
  • Demolition & Abandonment