Onshore Maintenance & Turnarounds

GIS understands your need a contractor who can manage your turnaround safely, complete it on time, and within budget. GIS’s turnaround execution team is comprised of experienced superintendents, skilled supervisors, and a work force that is committed to high safety standards, quality workmanship and meeting the schedule. Our turnaround execution team has the experience and knowledge to execute turn-key unit work, exchangers, towers, piping/valves and heater retubes. We have specialty heat exchanger extraction equipment, truck mounts, aerial extractors, and tube rolling equipment designed to deliver an efficient and quality exchanger job.

Execution Services:

  • Project Management (Turn-key Capabilities)
  • Computerized Project Scheduling (Primavera)
  • Exchanger Specialist
  • Hydraulic Tube Bundle Extractor
  • Trained Extractor Operators
  • Tube Rolling
  • All Fixed Equipment (Re-tray, Internal Repairs, demisters, nozzles and internal components)
  • Piping and Valves
  • Turnaround Tool Trailer
  • “R” Certificate for Code Repairs
  • Furnace & Heater Re-tubes

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