Looking, Intervening, Facilitating, and Eliminating are vital components for a "safe" work environment, and here at GIS, this is what we strive to maintain.

We can assure that the proper training and skills needed to perform a job task are in place, and that the safety of the employee and customer is given the utmost satisfaction. Our L.I.F.E. process ensures this possibility.

The objective of the L.I.F.E. Behavioral Based Safety process is to reduce accidents and injuries. Our ultimate goal is to have ZERO injuries.

Employees are responsible for developing, implementing, and operating the L.I.F.E. process. We are responsible for safety and the success of our process. We have management’s commitment and support in L.I.F.E. as we strive to insure that all employees go home safely.

As we all work toward the goal of improved safety through participation in the L.I.F.E. process, we will have a safer workplace and fewer injuries. Everyone is a winner when it is done safely. It is our hope that all workers want to go home safely and be provided with feedback on their safety performance.

What is L.I.F.E.?