Transportation Medium

GIS offers a variety of SAFE and RELIABLE transportation units.

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All GIS Units Are:

  • Engineered, designed, and built with safety and convenience of handling materials and goods for offshore transportation as a primary objective
  • Designed with a safety factor for load capacities that exceeds standard industry requirements
  • Inspected regularly for any damage or need for repairs
  • Pre-slung with proper slings and rigging. Slings are inspected regularly and are re-certified annually
  • GPS Tracking of Transportation Units
  • Ability to track Transportation Units and billing online via website
  • Ability to view compliance data online
    • Sling certificates
    • Load testing certificates
    • MPI testing

GPS Asset Tracking:

  • GIS is forging ahead with investments in industry-advancing GPS technology.
  • GPS tags are being installed on all GIS Transportation Medium rental equipment, enabling increased utilization and visibility of units for both GIS and our customers.
  • GIS has carefully selected GPS devices that are ruggedly designed to operate in the most extreme of environments. These devices are certified for intrinsic safety (UL Class 1, Division 1 for Groups A, B, C, D) and can function in temperatures from -22° F to +185° F.
  • GIS's proprietary software system is accessible online and is configured to manage:
    • Compliance & documentation (including online access to compliance documents)
    • Equipment requests
    • Inventory availability & location
    • On-rent assignments
    • Dynamic reporting needs

For a demonstration of the system or to discuss how GPS rentals tracking can benefit your operations, please contact GIS’s Transportation Medium division at (985) 475-4674.