Production Management

Our production Management Group is committed to providing experienced lease operators and production supervision to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our management team has over 80 years of combined Oil and Gas experience. Our team is dedicated to our customers. We have policies and procedures that insure communication and supervision is maintained with the customer, as well as with our workforce. We feel that by using this method our team will become a stronger and a smarter workforce while keeping our customers informed.

Our GOAL is simply stated:

To insure our customers are totally satisfied and treated as an Individual Entity. Our services are tailored specifically to meet the dynamic and unique needs of each customer. With the guidance of extensive communication and training, our lease operators and management personnel are dedicated to safety and compliance. Our team at GIS is committed to improving efficiency by looking at key areas that our customers are concerned with, such as: Unnecessary down time, Shut in planning, Eliminating waste and Unnecessary spending; all this while fully meeting safety and compliance requirements.

GIS stands ready to serve our valued customers with the most qualified lease operators and supervisors for the following areas in the Oil and Gas Industry:
  • Gulf of Mexico (shelf)
  • Gulf of Mexico (deep water)
  • Overseas
  • Inland Waters
  • Land base Operations