GIS is currently partnering with 3 major operators in GOM to pilot field implementation of Human Performance on projects. We have been recognized as the first contractor in GOM to operationalize HPI, both in the offshore construction crews activity set and in the detailed construction planning processes. GIS’s approach to HPI has been an integrated strategy that scales upon our robust LIFE BBSM processes & framework.

GIS began our journey in Human Performance in many ways through the implementation of LIFE, and more intentionally by name of “Human Performance” in late 2016 with leadership’s interest in understanding this area. In 2017, the organization began benchmarking exercises and establishing basic leadership fluency; this included understanding what other industries have done, aligning on what major operators are pursuing, and developing our philosophy, position, strategy. Following the initial operations rollout of the Human Performance Improvement Initiative (HPI) in 2018, our LIFE Representatives have continued our HPI journey in 2019 with our focus on the implementation of pilot programs at all of our clients’ offshore assets and Fabrication facilities. This execution included the training of our LIFE Reps in the principles and philosophy of HPI so they can be utilized to disseminate this program throughout all of our service lines. We will continue to progress in this journey with all of our fellow team members and subsequently identify any sharing points to ensure that we maintain a safe and productive workforce to provide a work environment that supports the belief of “Putting People First.”

Specific to Shell, we are conducting our most expansive pilot of HPI to-date that spans not only GIS & Shell activities, but covers all key project participants. The pilot project, for the Olympus PowerNap Project, includes the training of all GIS, Shell, and other 3rd party partners in safety that are directly involved in the PowerNap project. All who have been trained will be using our GIS’s BBSM Process (LIFE) and our Human Performance Improvement (HPI) processes throughout the duration of this project at the request of Shell Leadership. Shell is also sponsoring a GIS-led Pre-Accident Investigation exercise in conjunction with our Project Management group to proactively identify Critical Tasks, Error Likely Situations, Potential Consequences, and Flawed Defenses during the planning phase of major projects and prior to execution of these projects. This deployment of HPI spans not only execution of construction activities, but looks at the full cycle of construction from detailed planning and execution management to issues learnings and post-project close-out.

GIS & the Shell pilot of HPI on PowerNap project was recently recognized at Shell’s Q2 Town Hall meeting. This is a great achievement for our company to partner with one of our largest clients in this human performance journey as GIS continues to pave the way forward in our industry!

Pictured L to R: Jeff DeRosia, Roger Camardelle, Elster Dallmann, Lucy Ferguson

[Shell], Joshua Eymard, Chris Oliver, and Eric Callais.