GIS recently assisted with the BP Mad Dog TAR which was scheduled to be completed in 46 days, however, was delivered ahead of schedule within 42 days. As of early morning on June 19th, Mad Dog began exporting oil again.

“For me, this represents how everybody involved in the TAR lead through their values to achieve this fantastic result. I am and you should be very proud of this achievement especially with all the challenges (discovery work & weather) that we faced. Thank you for all your effort and diligence.”

Mad Dog AOM, BP

We would like to recognize the following divisions for your efforts on this project:

Galliano Materials Management      |      Bagging & Tagging

Houston Project Management        |       Offshore Construction          |        MODS

Galliano Fabrication        |       Abbeville Fabrication


Great job team for assisting our client to meet this successful achievement!