April of 2018 has marked a significant historic milestone as GIS has reached 70 years of business. GIS was founded by Clyde Pregeant Sr. in 1948 with only a welding truck and sheer determination to produce a better life for his family and the community that he serviced. It quickly evolved, entering into the emerging Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

“He would be so proud to see that his vision has been carried on through four generations of family members and blossomed into a premier oil and gas service company. My grandfather was a strong business-minded individual, but that wasn’t what made him or this company successful. It was his strong faith in Christ and his commitment to take care of the people and community that he worked alongside. He spent countless hours with his children ensuring that they understood and maintained those same values. He mentored friends/employees aiding them in understanding their strengths and visualizing success, and he tirelessly worked with various local civic organizations in South Louisiana to improve opportunities and the quality of life in the community. While he set the vision of our organization and values, each and every employee since has continued to carry on and make that vision a reality. I am so very thankful to every past, present, and even future employee that has or will be part of the GIS team to keep this going.

I am confident that my grandfather’s dream will continue to live on for another 70 years because of all the great people that we have within the GIS family of companies.”

Mark Pregeant | CEO

Just as its founders, Clyde and Ouida Pregeant responded to clients’ ever-changing needs, GIS has advanced and diversified to become one of the industry’s most capable and trusted energy partners. Four generations later, GIS now employs over 2000 employees in 21 strategically located facilities across 20+ service lines.


“Here at GIS, we need to ensure that we always

Put People First in all that we do…”

 Clyde Pregeant

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