Shell Kaikias was first discovered on July 4, 2014, and on May 29, 2018, less than 4 years later, it achieved First Oil!

GIS personnel across many of our divisions had a handle in this project to obtain this great achievement, and we would like to recognize all of these groups for their hard work. Under the leadership of Damian Craig, we would like to thank the Gretna Project Management team below for their efforts of the planning of the Kaikias project.

Daniel Boutte                  Richie Haley                      Josh Leblanc

Jason Hayes                    Lyle Breaux                        Jovian Jones

Doug Menier                   Chad Leglue                      Kevin Fournet

Al Daigle

Thank you to Zach Blaker, Jeremy Vedros, and Matt Lackie from the MODS group on their assistance rolling out the materials manager and joint integrity to a new asset and project, as well as making sure the virtual manager was set up properly for the Kaikias team being first time users of VM.

A big out shout for our Offshore Construction field execution team on URSA for doing an excellent job on this project. We utilized the core crew that works there year round as well as additional personnel to staff up for the TAR to execute the job. There was a lot of work to do during this TAR, and adding the hook up of Kaikias was a little more challenging, but the team completed the job with no incidents or injuries. Great job everyone!

We would also like to congratulate the Lafitte Fabrication Yard on their recent completion of the project. The fabrication began back in January 2017 and was completed within 15 months. With a total of over 44,000 manhours without a lost time incident, the fabrication and delivery of all systems either met or exceeded projected delivery time lines.

In addition to celebrating our involvement in the project successes, we would like to highlight the importance of the safe operating culture that allowed us to complete the job and bring our personnel home safely.

“From the beginning we worked very hard to provide clarity on our targets and establish a culture of care and collaboration. A psychologically safe environment where it is ok to experiment and fail so long as we are safe and well-intentioned. At its core, it has been this culture and this environment that has enabled us to transform Kaikias into what it is today.”

Amir Mansouri | Shell Kaikaias BOM

Pictured above is the first Kaikias oil sample—courtesy of the Shell Ursa Team. Great job to all of the GIS team who were involved in this great project and setting records for Shell!