GIS Abbeville recently completed the fabrication of the BP Mad Dog Muster Deck and Transportation Frame along with the assembly of Nor Safe Davits and winches. The Abbeville yard also installed the winches to davits and routing of winch cables; load testing of Davit Arms, assisting MMR with electrical installation; and weighting of the deck and load-out. With the assistance of our ECO affiliated companies, the job was completed within five months with almost 16,000 manhours. Great job to our entire fabrication team along with our partners for a successful project completion!


“In my past 35 years of experience, I have worked with a lot of different fabricators…

[We] have reviewed some of the workmanship and quality of work on this Muster Platform, and GIS has done an Outstanding Quality of work on the project. I am always critical of the fabricators, but this job was done with the highest quality of workmanship that I remember anyone can do. When a project is built this well, everyone involved is more comfortable with the final product, and can sleep better at night.

I am proud of the work GIS has done on this project.”

P.E. Senior Technical Consultant | Worley Parsons